Friday, September 14, 2018

Common Criminal or Enemy Combatant

When a person attempts to join, or declares allegiance to an international terrorist organization that has declared war on the United States and Western democracies, are they a common criminal or do they become enemy combatants? Should they be isolated from other inmate, housed in a maximum security prison, treated humanely, not tortured or abused, but not released until the hostilities are over or the enemy has surrendered?                             In the case of Ali Saleh, who was arrested in 2015 for providing material support for a terrorist organization it would seem the war has not ended.  He told authorities,
"I am ready to die for the Caliphate, prison is nothing."           

 His words were not the idle braggadocio of a wayward youth. Less than two weeks before his guilty plea, Saleh plunged a shank into a correction officer at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, reportedly smiling as he did, telling the wounded officer, "I hope you die."                       

For Islamic Terrorists Jihad Doesn't End When Jailed            Read more in IPT News...

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