Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Terrorist's Prison Release Shows How Unprepared We Are

Kevin James convicted for plotting a series of jihadist attacks against United States military targets and Jewish synagogues was released from prison early and authorities were not prepared for the consequences. Prosecutors and probation officers are asking a federal judge to impose restrictions on James while he is on probation. Those restrictions include an electronic monitor to track his movement and the power to search him, his home, and his belongings at any time without a warrant.  James's case represents an emerging challenge law enforcement faces as dozens of people convicted of terrorist crimes since the 9/11 attacks complete their prison sentences. Unlike sex offenders or domestic violence offenders for whom Congress has enacted specialized mandatory conditions of supervised release, there are no uniform standards for restrictions on a released terrorist during the subsequent probationary period. And there is no notice given to local communities, alerting them when a terrorist is released.
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